Woven Axminster carpets, made of 80% wool – 20% Polyamide in a wide range of qualities and pile weights, depending on the area where they will be installed (rooms, cabins, public areas). Possibility of custom design production in a large variety of colors. The carpets meet the highest quality standards, are suitable for contract use and have the IMO (International Maritime Organization) certificate, which is necessary for all materials used in ships and vessels.

ChromoJet printed carpets, which allow the creation of any design with the use of up to 24 colors/design. With the most advanced printing machine, giving a design resolution of 1.000.000 printer dots/m², we get the most bright and vivid results in the designs and colors. Depending on the final use of the carpets, the designs can be printed either on a tufted, velour or loop based quality in various weights and density, quality wise either on 100% Polyamide or on 80% wool – 20% polyamide, satisfying the most individual demands. For office carpets, we provide the option of tile carpet (dimensions of tiles: 50 x 50 cm) while specific tile carpet for Casinos can be also produced (dimensions of tiles: 90 x 90 cm).

Tufted carpets 80% wool – 20% nylon: A large selection of plain colored carpets or carpets with graphic/geometrical designs. The use of these carpets is mainly for hotel rooms, ship cabins and private yachts.


A large variety of fabric backed vinyl wall coverings for use in hotels and vessels, FR and IMO certified.

Possibility for digital printing on a high-standard, contract wallcovering base, giving your project your own, professional touch, according to the special needs or requirements.


IMO certified upholstery fabrics, fabrics for drapes & beddings, artificial leather.

Woven fabrics in 100% Trevira CS or in FR yarn, in a wide selection of colors & designs for use in hotel rooms & suites, vessel cabins as well as public areas.

Artificial leather in unique designs, plain colored or ‘leather-like’, suitable even for exterior use.

Co – ordinated fabric designs which can be printed on various bases, according to the intended use - blackout curtains, beddings or decorative pillows. The bases can be 100% Trevira CS or FR yarn.


A large collection of ceramic tiles, wooden, marble, cement and natural stone look. The variety of dimensions and surfaces offer us the opportunity to develop the desired aesthetics and feeling. Several collections are also suitable for exterior use, even at pool surroundings. Relevant designs are also available in white body glazed ceramics, for use on walls.

A wide selection of glass mosaics in various colors, for use in Spa, Suites, pools and lobbies.

Glazed ceramic mosaics can be used in Spa, pools or as general decorations.


Where the combination of luxury and relaxation in required, a Jacuzzi is more than necessary. Either for a Spa or for a Suite, you can always find the best solution in mini pools, whirlpool baths, showers hydro massage with jets, steam bath and rain drop shower heads.

A wide selection of sanitary ware products from simple and cost effective washbasins, WC ,bathtubs to items designed by Alessi, Palomba & Frog will definitely cover all your needs.

LVT tiles

A wide selection of LVT tiles, in plain colors, wood like or stone like, in just 2,5mm-3mm thickness. The maintenance of this material is very easy and they are mainly used in offices, hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes, hotel rooms & corridors.

In order to achieve a personalized look, there is the possibility of water jet cutting.

Architects - Designers

Having a significant experience of working with Architects and Designers, the team of Contract Materials presents a selection of high quality contract products, always providing the necessary information regarding their use and technical

Creating an enhanced service for the optimum support of the contemporary architect, our team of experts thoroughly presents the specifications of each product, while, in close collaboration with the manufacturing factories, the personalization of each order is achieved.

Emphasis is given in meeting the delivery deadlines as well as in the best after sales service, so that the collaborating Architectural offices receive the highest level of services and support.


The team of Contract Materials is a trustworthy partner of the hoteliers during their market research for new materials, since, due to our high expertise, we are in position to provide all the necessary information for the technical specifications of each product as well as its comparative advantages.

Representing some of the most important factories from all over the world (mainly European), Contract Materials guarantees the most competitive prices, always ensuring a high quality result.

Each order’s close supervision for the correct execution and prompt delivery is one of Contract Materials strongest features. We always make sure that the hoteliers that choose to work with us, receive the most professional and complete service and support.

Shipping Companies

Our many years of experience & our high expertise in the marine industry (cruise ships, yachts, commercial and passenger ferries) guarantees the highest level of information regarding the required specifications of all products (IMO Certificates) that are suitable for use onboard vessels as well as the richest selection of materials and solutions.

Understanding the importance of prompt deliveries due to strict deadlines, our marine specialized department makes the best possible follow up of all orders, ensuring the best service for our partners.

The close collaboration with important factories allows the provision of competitive prices, always maintaining the high quality standards.

Business Premises / Offices

New professionals as well as well established businesses (cafés, restaurants, offices) looking for cost effective but high quality products and materials for their renovations or developments of their premises, are able to find a variety of solutions at Contract Materials.

The team of Contract Materials performs a complete presentation of each product, emphasizing on its technical specifications and always ensuring for providing the best possible price.

From the moment of the order confirmation until the delivery of the products, the team of Contract Materials follows up closely the development of the order, making sure that all partners and customers are provided with the highest levels of service.

The team of Contract Materials introduces a new term in the global market, regarding the information provision and selling of building and decorative products and materials, always keeping in line with the contemporary trends: Material Consultant.

The high training of the team of Contract Materials in combination with the technical and quality characteristics of the represented materials ensures that any questions of our partners and collaborators will be thoroughly answered, so that they can take the right buying decision. At the same time, our experts suggest other, alternative products and provide honest and professional information regarding the cost effectiveness of each material.

The term ‘Material Consultant’ emphasizes the high expertise and qualification of our team of experts.

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